Army Structure



M D – Ministry of Defence

Cmt Ex – Army Command

Higher Advisory Organs

ACE – Army High Command

CONSEF – Economy and Finances Superior Council

Related Entities

FHE – Army Housing Foundation

IMBEL – Brazilian Ordnance Industry

Fundação Osorio – Osorio Foundation

Advice Organs

GAB CMT Ex – Army Commander’s Staff Office

CIE – Army Intelligence Centre

CCOMSEx – Army Public Affairs Centre

CCIEx – Army Internal Control Centre

CJCAEx – Army Law Advisory Council

SGEx – Army Secretary-General

General Direction Organ

EME – Army General Staff

Sector Direction Organs

DGP – Army Adjutant-General Department

DEC – Department of Engineering and Construction

DECEx – Department of Education and Culture

COTER – Land Operations Command

DCT – Department of Science and Technology

SEF – Economy and Finances Secretariat

COLOG – Logistic Command


Subordinate to the Army Adjutant-General Department – DGP

DSM – Directorate of Military Service

DCEM – Directorate of Strength Control and Posting

DAProm – Directorate of Assessment and Promotions

DCIPAS – Directorate of Civilians, Reserves, Pensioners and Welfare

DSau – Directorate of Health Affairs

Subordinate to the Department of Engineering and Construction – DEC

DOM – Directorate of Military Constructions

DPATR – Directorate of Patrimony

DOC – Directorate of Construction Works and Cooperation

Subordinate to the Education and Culture Department – DECEx

DPHCEx – Directorate of Historical and Cultural Heritage

DEE – Continuing Education Directorate

DEPA – Preparatory and Assistance Education Directorate

DFA – Directorate of Higher Education

DPEP – Directorate of Research and Personnel Studies

Subordinate to the Land Operations Command - COTER

– G1 – Land Force Operational Training

– G2 – Land Force Planning and Deployment

– G3 – Military Units linked to the State Police Inspector-General

Subordinate to the Department of Science and Technology – DCT

CTEx – Army Technology Centre

IME – Military Institute of Engineering

CAEx – Army Assessment Centre

CDS – Systems Development Centre

CITEx – Army Telematics Integrated Centre

DF – Directorate of Manufacturing

DSG – Directorate of Geographic Services

CCOMGEx – Army Communications and Electronic Warfare Centre

Subordinate to the Economy and Finances Secretariat – SEF

DGO – Directorate of Budget Management

D Cont – Directorate of Accounting

CPEx – Army Payment Centre

Subordinate to the Logistic Command – COLOG

DFPC – Controlled Articles Inspection Directorate

D Mat – Directorate of Materiel

D Abst – Directorate of Provisioning

B Ap Log Ex – Army Logistic Support Base

D M Av Ex – Directorate of Army Aviation Materiel

Land Force

Southeast Military Command

          2nd Military Region

South Military Command

          3rd Military Region

          5th Military Region / 5th Army Division

East Military Command

          1st Military Region

          4th Military Region / 4th Army Division

Northeast Military Command

          6th Military Region

          7th Military Region / 7th Army Division

          10th Military Region

Amazon Military Command

          12th Military Region

          8th Military Region / 8th Army Division

Central Plateau Military Command

11th Military Region

West Military Command

9th Military Region